Ninoska de Gracia. Moscú. Jardines de la Casa PasKov. Oleo sobre lienzo.


One of my passions is to travel. I would like to tell you about each of the trips that have inspired my works, starting with the last one, on which I based all the paintings that made up my last year’s exhibition at the Ansorena Gallery in Madrid. Later it was also seen at the Russian Science and Culture Center in Madrid. 

Russia has always been present in my life. When I was a teenager I joked with my name «Ninoska», saying that I was born there. Later, my parents told me about the beautiful places they had seen on a trip back in the 80’s, where they toured the Golden Circle. They came fascinated and loaded with wonderful books by Russian painters. So I discovered Leviatan, Valentin Serov, Repin …

How did I discover Moscow?.

A few years ago, great friends, whom I can also consider as patrons, Hervé and Dominique, invited me to go to Moscow. They proposed to me to paint a picture for them.

Ninoska de Gracia. Puente hacia la Iglesia de Cristo Salvador en Moscú


«Bridge to Church of Christ the Savior»


From this trip I not only brought its picture, my head and my heart came loaded with ideas and motives that I put into a full exhibition.

Moscow made a big impact on me. I did not expect to find a city so luminous, so full of color, with so many corners where I found small churches and with such a special architecture.

Ninoska de Gracia. Pequeña Iglesia Ortodoxa. Moscú. Cera sobre papel. Galería Ansorena    «Little orthodox Church»


Ninoska de Gracia. Catedral de San Basilio. Moscú. Cera sobre papel. Galería Ansorena«Saint Basil’s Cathedral» 


Russian museums and artists

Visiting their museums, the Pushkin Museum and the Tetriakov Gallery was something wonderful. Watching closely the pictures of Levitan, Serov, Ilya Repin, or discover  Malyavin and Igor Grabar charged me with energy.

I have also discovered impressive illustrators of short stories and ballet costumes such as Ivan Bilibin, Leon Bakst o Natalia Goncharova.

And a great discovery I’ve made recently is the photographer  Sergey Prokudin Gorsky, from the beginning of the 20th century. His photos have transported me to the interior of Russia, the agricultural and peasant Russia that I am already looking forward to meeting on an upcoming trip.


» Yellow house with garden»


As a consequence of my exhibition on Moscow, I started a new project in which I´ve thinking about for a long time. I designed a collection of accessories, scarves and fans, all of them inspired by my work. Some of them are based on Russian floral motifs and others on the famous stained glass windows of Novoslobòdskaya underground Station in Moscow.

Ninoska. Vidriera del Metro de Moscú Roja. Cera sobre papel. Galería Ansorena de Madrid

ninoska pañuelo de seda vidriera metro de Moscú.


«Silk scarf inspired by stained glass window Moscow underground»


Ninoska. Cuadro de flores con estampado ruso. RusiaAbanico seda flores lilas con fondo ruso NinoskaSpanish fan inspired by  «Lilacs on russian background»


This is not an already closed stage … I continue studying about its illustrations, its ornamental elements, its popular costumes and its literature. My last works are still inspired by them. Russia is still in my head.

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